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The UN Security Council List includes all individuals and entities subject to†measures imposed by the Security Council


    The effective date to start making declarations of currency or berear negotiable instruments is the 1st March, 2017

    The 6th February, 2017 appointed as the date in which the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Act, 2016 shall come into operation

The Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG) undertook the mutual evaluation of Lesotho in November-December 2010.


About Registration

If your business or profession is listed under the Money Laundering and Proceeds or Crime Act of 2008, then you have to register it with the Financial Intelligence Unit. Such registration informs the FIU of your businessís existence so as to provide you with support on compliance matters. The FIU is committed to providing the necessary support to Accountable institutions to comply with their obligations under the MLPCA. Apart from that, registration will facilitate your reporting obligations as you will inform the FIU of your reporting/compliance officers with whom the unit will liaise with from time to time in reporting and other compliance matters.


How to register

1. Online For online registration go to Registration

2. Manual For manual registration you complete the registration form available at the FIU offices and submit same to the FIU offices (Central Bank Building, corner Moshoeshoe and Airport Roads, Maseru.

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